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              Umbilical and placental vessels and endothelial cells (EC) are common models to study placental function and vascular programming. Arterio-venous differences are present in the umbilical endothelium; however, the heterogeneity of small placental vessels and the expression of potential micro- vs. macro-vascular (MMV) markers are poorly described. Here, we performed a meta-analysis of transcriptomic and DNA methylation data from placental and umbilical EC. Expression and methylation profiles were compared using hierarchical clustering, dimensionality reduction (i.e., tSNE, MDS, and PHATE), and enrichment analysis to determine the occurrence of arterio-venous (AVH) and micro-macro heterogeneity (MMH). CpG sites correlated with gene expression of transcriptional markers of MMH and AVH were selected by Lasso regression and used for EC discrimination. General transcriptional profile resulted in clear segregation of EC by their specific origin. MM and AVH grouping were also observed when microvascular markers were applied. Altogether, this meta-analysis provides cogent evidence regarding the transcriptional and epigenomic profiles that differentiate among EC, proposing novel markers to define phenotypes based on MM levels.