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    • REVISTA Soil and Tillage Research
    • 2024

    Silicon uptake and utilization on Panicum maximum grass modifies C:N:P stoichiometry under warming and soil water deficit

    • Dilier Olivera Viciedo • Kamilla Silva Oliveira • Renato De Mello Prado • Eduardo Habermann • Carlos Alberto Martinez

    • REVISTA Diversity
    • 2024

    Comprehensive Assessment of Morphological Diversity in Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) Accessions: A Focus on Roots and Morpho-Agronomic Traits

    • Sebastián Antonio Flores Chacon • Gonzalo Alberto Carreño Cáceres • Carlos Maldonado • Rodrigo Iván Contreras Soto •

    • REVISTA Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
    • 2024

    Balancing trade-offs: Enhanced carbon assimilation and productivity with reduced nutritional value in a well-watered C4 pasture under a warmer CO2-enriched atmosphere

    • Eduardo Habermann • Eduardo Augusto Dias de Oliveira • Matheus Enrique Bianconi • Daniele Ribeiro Contin • Maria Teresa Oliverio Lemos

    • REVISTA Agronomy
    • 2024

    Evaluation and Selection of Bromegrass Genotypes under Phosphorus and Water Scarcity towards the Development of Resilient Agriculture Focusing on Efficient Resource Use

    • Sebastián Meier • Pedro M. de Souza Campos • Arturo Morales • Rafael López-Olivari • Fernando Ortega-Klose

    • REVISTA Agricultural Water Management
    • 2024

    Genotypic responses to phosphorus and water management in winter wheat: Strategies to increase resource use efficiency and productivity

    • Sebastián Meier • Pedro Campos • Arturo Morales • Claudio Jobet • Rafael López-Olivari

    • REVISTA Environmental and Experimental Botany
    • 2024

    The inhibition of N 2 -fixation in legumes by nitrogen addition is reduced by P supply but not by elevated CO2

    • Ricardo Cabeza • Joachim Schulze • Sebastian Salinas-Roco • Amanda Morales-Gonzalez • Ramón Amigo

    • REVISTA Viruses
    • 2024

    Old and New Aphid-Borne Viruses in Coriander in Chile: An Epidemiological Approach

    • Nicolas Osvaldo Quiroga Barrera •

    • REVISTA Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment
    • 2024

    Effects of sustainable agricultural practices on soil microbial diversity, composition, and functions

    • Pedro Mondaca • Juan L. Celis-Diez • Pablo Díaz-Siefer • Natalia Olmos-Moya • Fernanda Montero-Silva

    • REVISTA Euphytica
    • 2023

    Inheritance for resistance to leaf curl [Taphrina deformans (Berk.) Tul.] in peach cultivars estimated by exploring mixed models

    • Edgardo Giordani • Stefania Nin • Valter Nencetti • Giuseppe Padula • Catalina Javiera Pinto Palacios

    • REVISTA Plants
    • 2023

    Rootstocks comparison in grafted watermelon under water deficit: effects on the fruit quality and yield

    • Carolina Morales • Camilo Andrés Riveros Burgos • Felipe Ignacio Espinoza Seguel • Carlos Maldonado Muñoz • Jacob Mashilo